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KKK Jam After Report

28 Jul

The first ever New Empire Knights KKK Jam was a success. We had members attend from 15 different states along with members that flew all the way in from England. I am very tired. The clean-up process is the only negative thing about the whole event. I want to thank all those who attended and a special thanks to those who volunteered.


We covered numerous topics during the 3-day event. For those who couldn’t attend, the Imperial Board voted on some issues. We allowed all members in attendance to also vote. I will post what was voted on along with the outcome. I hope all agree with what we voted on as the New Empire Knights move forward.


I am sure some are curious on the new Realms that were announced. For those not in attendance, we welcome the Realm of Kansas and the Realm of Oklahoma. Both states have great membership and leaders. I look forward to their dedication and hard work within the New Empire Knights.




Allowing non-Christians to join – 108 disagreed, 8 agreed.


Keeping the KKK Jam in Abbeville, SC – 72 agreed, 44 disagreed.


Holding public rallies – 80 disagreed, 36 agreed.


Allowing membership to those with prior felonies – 111 disagreed, 5 agreed.


Granting women membership – 91 disagreed, 25 agreed.


Youth Group (under the age of 18) – 102 disagreed, 14 agreed.


If any members not in attendance have any questions, please feel free to contact anyone of the Imperial Board.

Agenda for Sunday 27, 2014

26 Jul

8am – Breakfast


9am – Sunday Church Service led by Imperial Kludd Steven Williams


10am – Break


1030am – The Wedding between Joshua K. and Shirley W.


11am – Guest Speaker (well known in the White Nationalist Movement)


12pm – Lunch


1pm – Speech by Alabama’s Grand Dragon, Keith H.


2pm – Speech by California’s Grand Dragon, Lewis V.


3pm – Break


330pm – New Realms to be announced


4pm – Speech by David Murray, Grand Titan and son of Imperial Wizard Charles Murray


5pm – Dinner


6pm – Live Music


7pm – Knighting of New Members


8pm – “Victory Speech” by Imperial Wizard Charles Murray


9pm – Lighting of the Cross

Typical people upset with the KKK

26 Jul

Seen above is God-hater (Romans 1:27-28) and fat bull-dyke, Ivy Hill. By the looks of things, she’s Greenville’s repeating hot dog eating champion.

Gay Jew and known liar, Mark Potok is on the scene. This so-called “expert” has written articles in the past claiming people who were already dead as the most dangerous “white nationalists” in the world. TV and Newspapers quote him as being reliable.

Negro Lecia Brooks earns her weekly paycheck by quoting Communists and making the uneducated believe her peanut size brain is equal to the average white person’s.

I could say more, but why bother? These are the typical faces that normally oppose our kind. A gay, a Jew and a Negro. I’m shocked a Mexican wasn’t invited as a guest speaker.


New Empire Knights Fall Fest 2014

30 Jun

Location – Adamsville, AL



Good Food

Knighting of new Klansmen

Cross Lighting

Date – October 24-26

Greetings fellow White People

21 May

As you may have read, Imperial Wizard Murray’s daughter just gave birth to his first grandchild. Mr. Murray has been busy spending time with his family. He has granted me access to post and keep the site updated. I hope you will enjoy my articles as much as his.


With all the recent news coverage and article from the SPLC, our site has been receiving thousands of hits daily. Most have been positive. I know anti-racist groups like to make it seem the very opposite is true. A few more news outlets have contacted us.


The New Empire Knights is growing much better than we had originally planned. I, myself, was one of the founding members along with Mr. Murray. Our goal was to have 10 realms (states) by the end of 2014. We are already at 18 and we probably are adding two or three more in the next few months.


A little about me — I’ve been active in the Klan since 2007. I hold a Masters in Theology and currently run a small church (100-125 members per Sunday). I also run a small online business. I’m a husband and father of two. I am the Imperial Kludd of the New Empire Knights, which is the National Chaplin.

Frank Bumb and the Index Journal claims we are a hoax

17 May

This will be my last article for the next week or so. I have family matters which are much more important than typing here on this Blog. I will probably grant some of our Imperial Officers access to this site in my absence. Before taking a little time off, I had to speak out on an issue.


Frank Bumb emailed me claiming they are ramblings calling our KKK Jam a hoax. His email made me laugh out loud. These media types don’t like things when they don’t go their way. Bumb and his Jew masters, tried digging into land records. He is a little upset that they couldn’t find any in my name. Whoever said the land was in my name? Since Bumb and his masters couldn’t locate me, the event is now a “hoax”.


That’s funny since I have personally met with numerous police officers and signed three permits for events this year. I guess those permits and meetings were also hoaxes. The funny thing about this is that Bumb and his newspaper reached out to me and not vice-versa. I could care less if they print the article or not.


Our KKK Jam was never about media coverage. I contacted no one about this event. News sources have reached out to me. If they want to run stories about it, they can. If not, I won’t lose sleep over it. I am not here to amuse these hacks or write their stories for them. Theses losers should find real jobs or report real news such as the fact over 90% of interracial crime is nonwhites attacking white people.


Bumb and his hook-noses are upset they couldn’t locate the event. Too bad. Bumb should spend his time trying to locate a treadmill. I could care less what his newspaper thinks. Call us a hoax all you want. The KKK Jam is still on schedule and will take place.

Follow up answers to Frank Bumb of the Index Journal

15 May
  1. You talked about being involved with smaller Klans in the 1980s. What first attracted you to those Klans? I saw on one of your postings that you served


After leaving the Army, I knew very little about the Klan. I met some Klan members from Tennessee and joined. Like most splinter groups, they came and went. I was attracted with their views on politics, more than anything.


  1. What is your role as Imperial Wizard of the New Empire Knights?


The Imperial Wizard is just a title for National Leader. I set on what is known as an Imperial Board (with other Imperial Officers). We make decisions and approve ideas that state leaders and local leaders come up with. We make sure Klansmen are following Klan doctrine and banish those who do not. A few months back, I was informed about a Klavern (unit) leader in Texas posting YouTube videos while drunk. We kicked this person out and banned them. Those are just some of the few things I do as Imperial Wizard.


  1. Before you came to the Abbeville area, where did you live?


I was born in Boston, south Boston to be more specific. I lived there until age 17 and then I joined the Army where I attended basic training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I was then stationed in Germany for 18 months. After being honorably discharged, my brother helped me land a job in Memphis, Tennessee where I lived for 3-4 years. I landed a great job in South Carolina and have been here ever since.


  1. You talked about what you saw as the ignorance of the good deeds the Klan had done as far as charitable giving, food drives, etc. Would you say the Klan has been linked to violence in the past or present? If so, how does that link affect what you’re trying to accomplish with the NEK?


I could write an entire book about this topic. Here’s the short answer. There are over a billion Muslims. Some are terrorists. Do we call all Muslims terrorists? Westboro Baptist Church promotes incest and hatred of America. Do we compare all Baptists to them? Of course we don’t. The exact opposite is said about the Klan.


Take the 1960’s for instance. KKK documentaries will always show the violence and crimes of the United Klans of America (UKA) and the White Knights of Mississippi. Both groups were made up of criminals. Sam Bowers, the leader of the White Knights even denounced Klan doctrine. That alone should have got him banish from the Klan.


Nobody talks about the other Klan groups of this era such as the National Knights, US Klans of America or the Knights (David Duke was former Imperial Wizard). These groups existed during the same time and were linked to no violence. The Knights, now known as the Knights Party, even exist today. They still have never been charged for a hate crime. Again, do we see the SPLC and ADL report this?


You can’t compare Robert Shelton to David Duke, or me to Sam Bowers. Yet, the media and people compare all Klan groups as the same.


Imperial Wizard Chuck Murray interviewed by Frank Bumb of the Index Journal

14 May


My answers will be in black bold.


  1. What are the origins of the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan?


Long story short, I had been in a few smaller Klans during the 1980’s. In around 1993, I do believe, I joined the Konfederation of Klans (KOK). The group disbanded after about two years and I followed Ron Edwards into the Imperial Klans of America, where I served as Grand Dragon (state leader of South Carolina). A few states split from Ron and formed the Brotherhood of Klans (BOK), which became the largest Klan group in 2008. Dale Fox, the Imperial Wizard passed away suddenly of a heart attack and the BOK was never the same. I took a couple of years off from the Klan. A friend called me and asked me to attend a few meetings in Georgia in early 2013. I did. Next thing I know, I was voted in as the Imperial Wizard of the New Empire Knights.


  1. How long have you, personally been affiliated with the NEK and any other groups affiliated? What is your background?


I am one of the original founders of the NEK. I have been affiliated with them since the very first meeting in early February of 2013. As for my background, I joined my first Klan group in Tennessee back in 1983.



3. How did the NEK come to be headquartered in Abbeville? When did it become headquartered in Abbeville?


I have lived in the Abbeville area for a several years now. Since I am the national leader, it makes sense to have the HQ here. We have been headquartered here since I became the leader in March 2013.


4. Did Abbeville’s historical connection to the Confederacy play any role in that decision?


There are not ties to the Confederacy. Only the original KKK (1865-1877) was located in Confederate States only. The 2nd Era Klan (1915-1946) had more members in the North and Midwest than in the South. I probably have more membership outside of the south also.


5. How many members does the NEK have?


We have membership in 18 states, with some states having several Klaverns (units). I have fewer members than I want and more than you probably think.


6. What’s are the goals of the NEK?


To build a legit pro-white organization and become the voice of White America. I know you expect a more in depth answer, but our goal is very simple.


7. What sort of events does the NEK host and/or participate in?


We do numerous activities. We have had several state meetings, food drives and donation drives. Our goal is to do positive things in every community where the NEK is located.

8. Several of your postings point to your desire to remain a “secret” group and one post says “Keeping a secretive membership is what keeps us safe,” and “People know very little about us. That’s the way I like it. We are called the “Invisible Empire” for a reason.” In light of that, why did you publish your proposed KKK Jam?


We are not a “secret” group per say. I have my picture posted. I have pictures of members who are willing to post pictures. At the same time, I have a lot of working class people that work “9-5” jobs. I have to protect their identities, which in return, protects them from harassment and from losing their jobs. As for the posting of the event, I have 768 (and growing weekly) followers (many are members) on our site. It’s much easier to post an event than to email or call every single person and informing them about it.


9. What are your hopes/expectations for the KKK Jam on July 25-27?


My hopes are to have good fellowship, see old friends, make new friends, have a few laughs and talk politics. Most of all, have fun and be proud of our White Christian Heritage.


10. One other event I saw was a food drive in Kinsport, TN scheduled for June 21, 2014 where all races are welcomed. Have you or other groups held such events previously? What was the turnout? Are people put off by the group holding such an event?


We have done several events like the one you mentioned. My Georgia guys have done the most. They did one a few months back in Newnan. A few blacks showed up. At first they were being very vocal of their dislike toward us. After talking to them and offering them free food, many of them were surprised at our kindness. We showed them pictures of the Klan during the 1920’s and even during the 1950’s doing charity and helping blacks, something you never see on TV or in books. We educated them about their ignorance of the Klan.



11. On your website, you state throughout several posts that your group does not stand for hatred of any group. Are you at all concerned of the historical image of the KKK in most people’s minds with hatred directed toward Blacks, Jews, Catholics, etc.?


As I stated above, most people are very ignorant about the Klan. True Klan groups do not hate blacks or any person of color for that matter. The Klan has not been anti-Catholic since the 1920’s. I have no concerns. People too ignorant to do their own research are just that, ignorant.


12. If you are different from other KKK groups in that regard, why was the NEK founded under the banner or as a subgroup of the KKK?


Being pro-white automatically makes you a “racist” or “hater”. Being Klan, Neo-Nazi or simply vocal of race-relations is seen as racist. I am not ashamed of the Klan or what true Klan groups stand for.

13. Are you at all concerned about the possible reaction of other members of the community?


Not concerned at all. We have done nothing but good works in Abbeville. During Christmas time, I personally donated several boxes of clothes to the needy. My guys in Georgia have done several food drives. My guys in Indiana just recently sent $100 to a black family whose children were killed in a house fire started by white thugs. You never see the ADL or SPLC print those stories, do you?

New tabs to the site

10 May

Daily I get ignorant emails from self-hating whites, mentally ill people and the stupid. People will say “White commit crimes too,” or “You have no proof in what you believe.” Of course, unlike them, we back our views up with data, facts and proven history. I will no longer respond to such ignorance. Instead, I added new tabs to our site providing numerous facts, statistics and links.


I added four new sections to our site -


  1. Jews and the African Slave Trade which shows the truth about American slavery
  2. Truth About Interracial Crime
  3. The Myth of Black Egypt
  4. Jews and their love of child rape


The United States was once a safe nation. We had the best educational system in the world. We were a Nation blessed by God. Women and children could walk the streets without fear. White children could say prayer and actually learn in our schools instead of being bullied by lower IQ nonwhite punks. Those days are long gone.


The tabs provide tons of links, sources and proven facts. The new tabs expose the Jews and their hatred of blacks, the Jewish mindset toward child rape and the truth about interracial crime. If you don’t like the facts, who cares? Go hold hands in a communist unity rally then.

News Reporters aka Media Hacks

9 May

Apparently the media in South Carolina has very little to do. They are making a big deal about a Klan event held on private property. I am not even sure why this is making headlines. When did people’s personal freedoms become major news stories? I have been amazed at the media coverage of our event.


By now as you probably know, Mr. Alcorn of Fox Carolina contacted me for an interview. I can predict what a news reporter will ask before they do so. They ask the typical “Why did you join the Klan?” and “How do you feel about the negative impact you are having on the community.” News reporters like most Americans, can’t think for themselves.


I read and saw the video about our event. I can’t say it’s the worst news lies I’ve seen about the Klan, but still comical. Some of the articles, reports and “facts” were beyond ignorant. I don’t even know where to begin. Sad that these people are college educated and lack common sense.


One report stated we had 15 Realms. Maybe this poor lady needs to learn how to count. We have 18 listed on our site. I guess they didn’t teach math in Journalism 101 at her college. Or, like most hack writers, she uses Jewish propaganda when speaking out about White Nationalist groups.


A few reports referred to me as “self-proclaimed leader.” I am not even sure what they are trying to say here. I am the National Leader (Imperial Wizard) of the New Empire Knights. I am one of around 30 something Imperial Wizards in America. I was voted in by a board and so forth. Typical democratic process.


Of course the media never mentioned I was a military veteran, husband and father (and soon to be grandfather). They left out the part in my bio that states I retired from a state job where I worked 20 plus years. Instead, “we burn crosses” and “hate black people” was reported. Of course we don’t burn crosses and hate anyone. Typical Zionist Journalism.


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