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Real Klans vs Fake Klans

22 Apr

Weekly, I get emails from people asking, “What makes your Klan better than so and so Klan?” I normally don’t answer these emails. That alone tells me these people know little about true Klan history. Even people seeking membership have no clue in what they claim they’re interested in. Probably what you know about the Klan is 95% myth and 5% fact. That goes for friend and foe alike.


I’m not going to waste your time on Klan era history or “Klan Kraft”. You can visit and read about that. My goal is to simply show you how to define a legit Klan group and a bad Klan group. We can agree to disagree. Here are my two cents.


There is no Klan – Since 1948, there has been no single Klan. The Klan of today is made up of different fractions. Some Klans are good, others not so good. Some practice Klan Kraft, others don’t. Some accept Nazi ideology, others don’t.


Christian Faith – Real Klan groups are made up of Christians only. You live your life based on the values of Jesus. This means practicing good faith, doing charity and not abusing booze or drugs. There are “Klan” groups today which allow people of all faiths to join. These are not real Klan groups.


Klan Kraft – The New Empire Knights follow Klan Kraft for the most part. While Klan Kraft is important for the Klan, in today’s time, it’s not automatically necessary. Ex-Klan members have written books exposing much of this once secret oath. At the same time, you’d be surprised how many Klansmen of today have no idea on what Klan Kraft is.


Nazism/National Socialism – I respect all white nationalists. Nazism however, is not part of the Klan. Nazism is foreign to American ideas and culture. Before Zionism took over, America was fine without Nazism. True Klan groups believe in restoring America based on our founding-fathers’ ideas.


When did the Klan go bad? – The 1960’s was really the turning point of the Klan. Two groups really damaged the Klan’s image. Let’s start with the White Knights of Mississippi. Sam Bowers, their Imperial Wizard, rejected the Klan’s principles and laws. Instead of political goals and Christian values, the White Knights of Mississippi went around murdering innocent men, women and children.


Then you have the United Klans of America (UKA). Led by Robert Shelton, the UKA had at least 30,000 members during the 1960’s. Shelton could have led the UKA to great political power. His Klan rallies were the largest Klan rallies since the 1920’s. Instead of greatness, the UKA attacked, bombed and murdered innocent people.


The Klan of Today – While small in numbers, the Klan is very much still needed. Look around the nation. Are we going in the right direction? If you answer “yes,” than you’re completely lost in life. If you answer “no,” than the Klan is your answer.


Realm of Alabama celebrates over Easter Weekend

21 Apr


The New Empire Knights do not support the actions of Glenn “Cross” Miller

16 Apr

Glenn Miller is not a new name for the “White Nationalist” Movement. He has been a thorn in our side for over 40 plus years. I met him in the early 1980’s and saw a drunk. I saw a man that did not impress me at all. He had been married to an Asian and had children by this woman. He also lied about his war experience, a known and proven fact.



Let’s begin with Miller’s personal life. Miller was married to a non-white woman and produced mongrel children. He claims he was a Green Beret in Viet Nam. Wrong. He was a supply sergeant. He basically ordered toilet paper and food while brave men fought and died in the Zionist-led war. One of his sons was a drug addicted who was killed during a shoot out. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.


Miller was a snitch and a coward. He lied and ratted on the Order and others. The majority of these cases led to mistrials. Even a brainwash jury saw through the lies of Miller. Miller spent 3 years in jail for death threats against judges, having numerous illegally owned weapons and from the fleeing the authorities. His sentence was light because Miller worked with the FBI.


Stormfront and other websites denied him access from posting. Sadly, Vanguard News Network welcomed him with open arms. Alex Linder, a man that seems to either be mentally insane or an FBI puppet backed Miller. Linder is a loser that makes his living off of donations from crazed VNN posters. Miller and Linder was a white trash couple made in heaven.


So, what did Miller do a few days ago? He opened fire like a madman at a Jewish Community Center. Who ended up dead? Three White Christians and no Jews. While no Jews would have deserved to be murdered in cold-blood, Miller killed his own. What good did this do for white people?


Miller should have been locked up years ago. He should have gotten the max. Instead, the Zionists allowed him to lie and slander his way out of jail while sending real White Nationalists to prison. Now tax payers will have to house, feed and care for this nut-case. Miller is a disgrace to all white people.

Food Drive in Kingsport, TN – Saturday June 21, 2014

15 Apr

The Realm of Kingsport, TN has announced a food drive for June 21, 2014.


All races are welcomed. That’s correct, blacks and Mexicans can attend the food drive. True Klan behavior is based on Christian conduct such as charity. Renegade Klan groups have given legit Klans like us a bad name for the past 40-50 years.


Members of the Tennessee Realm will be bagging lunches and boxes full of canned-goods and dropping them off throughout the town in areas known for poverty. Anyone wants to help, please contact us.

New Empire Knights of Kentucky (Louisa, KY)

15 Sep

20130914_121001 20130914_120751


Cross ready for tonight! Louisa, KY

15 Sep


Left-Wing Marxist lies

14 Aug

Some gay loving communist wrote an article saying we would help re-elect Mitch McConnell.  We will? That is news to me and my Klan members who live in Kentucky.  As far as I know, none of my members back this Zionist puppet.

Asian wife - Mitch is married to an ugly Asian woman. The Klan does not support race-mixers.

Supports the Jewish War on terrorism - I don’t like Islam.  However,  I don’t support the Satanic Jewish war against them. McConnell does.

McConnell has done nothing for white people - I’ve never seen Mitch speak up for white working people. He lines his pockets with Jewish banks, Jewish business and the Jewish media.

Nobody in the Klan backs Mitch McConnell.  Maybe the writer of Blue in the Bluegrass should spend less time looking for glory holes at gay bathhouses and do some research.  His information was 100% wrong.

Jesus wasn’t white?

13 Aug

EDITORS NOTE: The term Anglo-Saxon in this article is used generically . The white race has kindred people who do not necessarily identify themselves as Anglo-Saxon. All white people are related by blood and share common ancestry. The term Anglo-Saxon therefore would be interchangeable with any word used for identifying those of our European kindred such as Germanic or Scandinavian (among others)For centuries Jesus Christ was depicted by Europeans as one of their own.  Images of Jesus Christ whether in paint or upon stained glass clearly showed Him (including the apostles, His mother Mary, the women who labored for Christ, and his followers) as white.However, today there is an attempt to undermine the factual evidence that Jesus was white.  Instead we are told that Jesus is a mixture of all races. Many modern artists attempt to portray Jesus with all of the various racial characteristics. The Judeo-Christian preachers today and their anti-Christ rabbi counterparts argue that Jesus probably had black, tight curly, perhaps even kinky hair. The historians and archaeologists of today, excluding the ones in the past, argue he would look like a typical “Israeli” in which he would look neither black or white, but a dark brown mixture of the two.The question is what did Jesus Christ really look like? The traditional view of Europeans hold that he had blond or auburn hair and blue or hazel eyes. His face was long with high cheek bones (note: The Shroud of Turin), and he was tall and muscular. This traditional view has been depicted in Western art for centuries such as in “The Pantocrator” or “Creator of All,” a sixth-century mosaic. Now, however, many are saying that this white “view” of Jesus by Europeans was only a testament of the ancient racism of Europeans.  This past Easter, when millions of Christians celebrated Jesus’ resurrection, scientists, historians, and Judeo-Christians collaborated to create a “new model” for Jesus, which aired around Easter on the Discovery Channel and PBS. Joe Zias, one of the leading archaeologists in Israel, who worked on the project, said, “in reconstructing this head, we are not claiming that this is exactly Jesus’ face, but we are trying to counteract all of those bad images of blond-haired , blue-eyed Jesus running around Hollywood productions. He continued and said, ” we know he didn’t have long hair and it wasn’t blond. And he wasn’t blue eyed.” How does he know that?John Dominic Crossan, a “scholar” based in Florida said, “this is a country of immigrants and now our ethnicity is changing once again. We have a growing population of Latinos and others. What will Jesus look like in the future? He certainly will look darker.”Even Rev. D. James Kennedy, the Presbyterian pastor from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and T.V. evangelist said, “Nobody really knows what Christ looked like, and to a very real extent it is irrelevant… The important thing is that he is the Redeemer and Son of God”.The problem with all these reconstructions of Jesus and these Judeo-Christian ministers such as Dr. Kennedy is it is relevant what he looked like. Jesus was the Redeemer – but to whom? (Note Matt. 1:23 and others)Although the description of Jesus in some respects is not important, such as his height, weight, or how long his hair is, what is important is that He was the Kinsmen Redeemer (Kinsmen: of the same blood) to a certain people – Israel, who now comprises  the Anglo-Saxon -Teutonic and kindred people of Europe. And Jesus’ racial description identifies the people He belonged to. So in asking what Jesus looked like is actually asking what does the race he belonged to by physical birth look like? There is Biblical and historical evidence that informs us exactly what he (by race) looked like. And THAT is important. It is the reason the genealogy of Jesus is given in Matthew and Luke.BIBLICAL EVIDENCEJesus was the direct descendent of Kind David and therefore the rightful heir of the Israel’s kingdom throne. In I Samuel 16:12, when Samuel went to anoint David to be the new King of Israel it states, “And he sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy…” In Webster’s dictionary, ruddy is defined as … redness; akin to red; having a healthy reddish color. (Even Adam means to “blush” or ” to show redness in the face.” This identifies only one race. I’ll let you figure out which race.) Therefore King David would have been fair skinned with reddish hair. Not the typical dark Jew or Arab, as some are now being led to believe. (Some will cite Rahab (wrongly called a prostitute instead of the important position she held) and Ruth who are counted among the genealogy of Jesus – claiming that these two women of God were not Israelites and thus additional proof that Jesus was not racially pure. Those who make this erroneous claim have been deceived into believing that the countries in which these women lived characterize their race. It does not.  Both women were Israelites and followers of Jehovah)HISTORICAL EVIDENCEThe vast majority of the world is ignorant of the fact that there were actually eye-witnesses and written accounts of Jesus, His earthly father Joseph, and His mother Mary. Many of these written accounts are kept in the Vatican library, which describes what Jesus and Joseph looked like. These written accounts were compiled in The Archko Volume.In The Archko Volume, we can read where Gamaliel was sent by the Sanhedrin to interrogate Joseph and Mary in regard to the child Jesus. He says in regard to Joseph, “his hair looks as though it might have been dark auburn when young.” Later, he talks about Jesus’ description. “His hair is a little more golden than hers (his mother Mary), though it is as much from sunburn as anything else… His eyes are large and soft blue, his eyebrows very large.” This is a description of a people that does not represent the people we know as Jews today. This is not the description of Arabs, blacks, or any other type of people. This is the description of our ancestors – the white Europeans.Valleus Paterculus, a Roman Historian, met and interviewed Jesus and made a report to Pilate, who in return made a report to Caesar. Paterculus states, “One day in passing by the place of Siloe, where there was a great concourse of people, I observed in the midst of the group a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus… His golden-colored hair and beard gave his appearance a celestial aspect… “Lastly, as we can see, Jesus was a person who resembled a particular race of people. Only one race has blond, auburn, or red hair, with blue, green, and hazel eyes. All these characteristics identify the white race, the true Israel. However, as our nation becomes more Judiazed and non-white, no longer will our ancestors in the Bible be depicted as a reflection of us, but will be depicted as a typical dark mideastern Jew.  Tom Roberts, editor of the Catholic Reporter said, “artists should feel free to reinterpret Jesus for each new era.” The era that is approaching and coming upon us is a Jewish era, an era that does not reflect the traditional Christian morals and values of our people, but is an attempt to change the core values of our people in preparation of the one world church.The fact is Jesus Christ was a white man. He came to the lost sheep of the House of Israel as their Kinsman Redeemer. Can anyone of any race follow the teachings of Jesus Christ? Yes, but it doesn’t make them kinsmen.  It doesn’t give them the authority to change the historical and correct image of Jesus’ white racial background into their own. And saying that Jesus Christ is white doesn’t make a person an evil hater any more than it would were they to say that George Washington or Queen Elizabeth is white.  They are merely stating the facts.Back


Mark Grayson, typical hack writer

11 Aug

I see that a hack writer named Mark Grayson wrote a horrible article about us and the Ku Klux Klan in general. He writes for the obscure Lazer, a small online news outlet. His article is filled with typical lies, misinformation and falsehoods. This is typical of ZOG writers.

Grayson, like most, was trained in ZOG college. Most of his teachers were probably left-wing Marxists. Like most, he has no individual thought process. This can be seen in his poorly written article. I have no issue in Grayson covering our event in Louisa. Just do some simple research and post facts. Not typical ZOG lies. He basically copied the ADL and SPLC website word for word, with a lack of historical facts.

Grayson said the KKK was formed in 1864 -

The KKK was founded on Christmas Eve night in 1865. Second graders know this. Somehow Grayson did not.

Grayson said that the original KKK still exists today -

That could be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard about the KKK. The original KKK was from 1865-1877. The Klan that was formed in 1915 was called the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKKK). Since 1948, the Klan has existed in numerous fractions, such as ours.

Grayson said we are going to burn a cross –

Cross burnings is what drunk trouble makers do. The Klan, like Scottish Clans many years prior, light the cross to glorify Jesus Christ, who is our light. Even churches such as the Methodist, normally have lite crosses in them.

Grayson says Louisa is less than 5% black and doesn’t understand why we picked Louisa -

Since Louisa is mostly white, and we are pro-white, why wouldn’t Louisa be a great location? Besides, we have membership in Louisa. Louisa is one of many small cities/towns in Kentucky overran with pill mils, pill poppers and race-mixers. Our goal is to educate and protect our people.

I won’t waste any more time on Mr. Grayson. He has proven he knows nothing about us or the Ku Klux Klan. He couldn’t even do simple research and post simple facts. If anything, he could have contacted me for the correct information. Instead, Mr. Grayson looks like the typical lemming of doing what the ZOG master programmed him to do.


Cross Lighting Event in the Louisa/Yatesville area

9 Aug

I am proud to announce that the Realm of Kentucky is hosting a Cross Lighting in the Louisa/Yatesville area. One of our members owns around 10 acres and has been nice enough to host the event. The event will be open to members, family of members and people who have met local leaders that are interested in joining.

The event will be held September 14, 2013, which falls on a Saturday. We do not expect trouble since the event is held on private property. There will be tons of food, fun and of course, the Cross Lighting. We are placing the Cross on a hill on the property which should be seen from a very far distance!

No drugs of any sort are allowed. Donations are not expected, but are welcomed. Please see Kentucky’s Grand Dragon James Roberts for more information about the event.


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